I actually wonder if there will be an .exe file of for XP.
What do you think?

Looks like a dead project written in Dephi.

The Delphi project was the predecessor “ShaderMan” as i understand the scarce information on that page…“ShaderMan.Next” seems to be written in Python using a couple of Python bindings to other libs.
That said, you don’t actually need an .exe to run it, just python and all the libs+bindings.

Still looks like a dead project though…

It’s actually far from being dead. The software was written because the original Shaderman was using closed source code, some of which could not be released to the public. So Alexei Puzikov spent a few years re-writing it from scratch so the ENTIRE code could be released open source as well as modified. He is a professional CG artist, so he does not have a lot of time to devote to “upgrading” the software, and even IF he did want to - there is not much to “upgrade” - RSL is pretty much straight forward and set so there is not much of a need to constantly update code for no reason. Really, does there need to be constant updates when it works? Shaderman.Next is simply a small program that does what it needs to do - generate RSL shader code, among other things now. Why fix something that isn’t broke?

The reason it is not an exe for Windows is because it doesn’t need to be - it runs off of Python, and since the code is small it runs just fine. Again - why fix something that isn’t broke.

Glad to hear that. I thought that it is another dead free/open-source Renderman solution…
Do you know how to run it… “Double-Click” method doesn’t work for me :slight_smile: