Shades of Gold and Crimson

This, I guess is my finished project. I hope some like it. I started with the lampposts and went from there, so my work flow is a little backwards.
edit: The title of the thread is meant to say SHADES of Gold and Crimson…

Looks fantastic, very photorealistic and blends with the background well. Good work!

Wow! Great image! Loved the lamppost material.
I just think the lamppost is large compared to the fences and the buildings… this is really easy to change.
But the image is really good.

Very nice work! :smiley:

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Thanks Orinoco!! done.

beautiful, poetic image,lovely play of light and shadow.brick texture of building needs some color variation, dirt streaks etc.

This looks pretty good. The composition is kinda bad though…I feel bad when looking at it. I feel like I am in a tiny box and I cant escape. I cant really tell whats wrong with it though.. I ques its the bottom part - that shadow maybe… or perhaps the ratio of the image…
The details are good though. Nice work.

I cant really tell whats wrong with it though… I guess it`s the bottom part - that shadow maybe… or perhaps the ratio of the image

I agree, probably the position of the camera, it’s too high. The ratio isn’t great.

Very well done, great modeling and well textured. I love this antique bronze material, (dirt v-paint there?)

wow, this is jaw dropping ! ;D

Great pre-wintery, autumny atmosphere, and yeah, agreed about realism, looks very realistic and believable. The background looks a little pale though.

Other than that, awesome job! :slight_smile:

A wonderful job on this. The only thing that sticks out to me is that red tree… it just looks out of place and the scaling looks off to my eyes.

But truly a great job!

Thanks all for the nice comments!! This is a Andrew Price Architecture Academy entry…and it’s so late in the game that I can’t change it. Which brings me to the AlinB and michalis comments.

My own self critique has been not one of the shadows (though with more experience I might change my mind) or with the height of the camera (same-later I might come to be uncomfortable with it) It’s that my eye REALLY wants to break to the right…to see more of the road and details over there…

That’s been the thing with this project all along. it started with the beautiful bronze material and that became the lampposts which needed a wall behind them, which got bigger and more detailed. More and more.

So it’s done. But maybe not done quite yet.

Michalis, you’re correct about the material. And it’s directly attributable to your threads here in these forums. So thank you. Once I figured out how to do this, it’s like a light went on. Just beautiful stuff.

Thanks again!

The lampposts material is absolutely brilliant, and the scene is incredibly photorealistic, you did an awesome job!!:smiley:

The whole render looks perfect, but the door needs some more detail like a sign of what what street.

Of course it does, all your perspective lines are pointing to a vanishing point on the right border of the image. It’s like every straight line in the building or the sidewalk is shouting, “Look over there!!!” So you naturally want to look over there. :wink:

yes, and at the same time, there are these two spots of bright red color on the left, which pull you back to the left, this creates a feeling of being splitted inside me, uneasy feeling… besides that,it is an image full of wonderful colors, the lampost that originated it is great as are the materials. i would love see this image in a harmonius composition that reflects the beautiful mood that is created by sky, colors, trees and lampost…

Very nice, but as someone said …

I feel like I am in a tiny box and I cant escape. I cant really tell what`s wrong with it though.

This is a classic renaissance perspective error, when the lines all recede correctly - to a point that is nowhere near the center of the image. You have cut off the right side of the render, putting the vanishing point close to the edge of the frame. You probably had a reason, but this generally causes disorientation and a feeling of claustrophobia, specially if the side opposite the VP is closed off, as it is here.

beautiful work :smiley: The camera angle or something seems odd though…

Good atmosphere render. I think its Cycles renderer because of bricks antialiasing problem, its very very common with Cycles.

Noooooo! It’s perfect I tell you!!! :wink:

Actually, I see the lack of balance now. Orinoco and Doris, your input is invaluable. To do this right, at least from this angle, there needs to be more. There is a park area across the street (virtual) and those trees might balance things out. That presents a whole list of problems of course - starting with poly count and ending with the fact that the sapling add-on sometimes isn’t as satisfactory as I would like.

Doris, at least one thing slightly worked. The red in the tree and the door were meant to draw your attention.

The course talked about the fundamentals of camera placement, but that was a while ago and I should have watched the video again…really it was quite comprehensive.

TynkaTopi - I’d be interested in examples of the difference between Cycles and internal as far as those bricks. I’m not sure what you mean about an ‘anti-aliasing problem with cycles’ but if you’d show me I’m sure that I’d see it.

Criticism is tough when it’s such a labor of love. This was something that was truly fun for me to put together (which is why it won’t be difficult to revisit and hopefully improve)

I’d not have been able to do any of this of course without Andrew Price, but there’s a whole host of great tutorials on the web and also thanks again to Michalis for the great material threads.