shading and texturing

Hey everyone
just a couple o things, when i do toon shading and put an edge round my model i have every face outlined…i tried smoothing the model and i tried subdivision…the darn things wont go though.
say i was adding some colour to a model…like a monkey or something and i wanted two different colours on the mesh, would i have to use uv texturing…cos im terrible at it.

for the first question: I don’t know how to get rid of those lines. I did a toon rendering all of once, saw the lines, thought they looked cool, and haven’t tried again.
As for the second (more helpful here) you can make material groups in the edit buttons- its close to the left hand of the buttons, make a new material group, select points,asign to that group, etc.
then assign a different material with each group selected in the edit buttons.
OR: you can use vertex colors/painting. faster, more fun, and if all you want to do is some basic color variation, is all you need.
OR: you can use a procedural texture with multiple colors, and move it around to match what you want.

About the lines in the toon shading >> use a small “Eint” value in the edge settings menu. Blender toon shading only add a contour around the model. If you want contours in detais over the entire surface, I will sugest you to use a texture with them drawed on it. Obviously, in this case, UV is the best choice.

If you use high “Eint” values, Blender tend to contour every face of the object, generating a sometimes unwished effect.

Wow thnx alot!
thanks for answering my question guys, you were a big help!