Shading Artifacts - Anistropic filtering?

I’m getting these weird artifacts on this object with a simple bump map (even when I change the bump map types)

Here’s a better view of the artifacts:
High res

It loks like the bump map is changing sizes as it progresses along the surface. Seemingly a mapping issue…

But I have never seen it that weird before 0.o

Nah… it sort of blurs the texture the further out you go (see the right shoulder is more blury than the left boob - if i were to rotate the view, it would change and the left shoulder would be blurier than the right boob)

Here’s a .blend

Greg, I looked through the .blend. The artifacts go away entirely if you turn down the normal intensity to around .03 and set up the lighting scheme with another point and a hemi for fill.

The zig-zagging/blotchy areas you see have everything to do with the number of samples used by your lights and really nothing to do with the model or texture. Bump up the samples on your point lamps and these go away as well.

cheers, bud!


Thanks man :slight_smile: everything seems to be slowing making sense :slight_smile:

haha tell me about it! ;D