Shading - Blender Materials On and Off

Why does the shading change when you toggle blender materials on and off?


Probably, because different techniques are employed!?

Blender Materials Off seems to introduce a bit of “ambient lighting” (yuk!) that prevents shadows from looking completely black. It’s my experience that in runtimes it does not, though.

But what is different when you have materials on? A different engine in use? renderer? anyone know.

It looks so much better with it on, but you cant use uv tiling.

With blender materials you can do more complex things with the faces, like how much light they can absorb, or make certain efects, and its necesary for make GLSL.

For use UV maping, you must UV map like always, and on Map Input of the material, asing UV button. :yes:

you cant use procedurals in the ge though. you still have to bake them…