Shading doesnt work after Single Vert Tool

Hi there!
I’m creating trees with Single Vert Tool. I use it with Skin Tool and then add shading. Everything works well, but last time I get a problem. I can’t use shading anymore. I can’t see the colors on my tree. What’s the problem here? Help me, please.

You are in Solid Texture Mode and also in EDIT Mode…

Thank you for the fast answer, unfortunately this problem exists in any Mode(( I don’t understand what I broke. There’s no problem with the previous trees and a simple box by the way.


what do you expect to see ? and what do you see instead ?

Hi, I want to see the surface on the tree-like on the previous one.
I’ve tried different methods to fix that, maybe something is wrong with the add-on “Extra Objects” and “Single Vert Tool”. There’s no problem if I create a new Cube for example.

I assume the color comes from the texture. Why does it look like a bunch of color samples ? how do you specify the color to pick from the lot ? presumably since nothing is connected to the texture coordinates input of the texture node, it’s using UVs. Have you created UVs ?

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All UVS are reset / maxed as single faces and then simply scaled down to fit into the block of a specific color. That way you can utilize a single texture for a lot of objects in low poly style

@AlexDee: What happens with the tree if you move the uvs over the texture. Does it change brightness/color ?

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Oh ok. Why not use solid colors in that case ? Anyway it’s probably just that, the UVs are placed over the wrong color block

Would be my first guess too.

All models will use the same shader and textures. Just UVs differ. Nice eg for draw call batching

I’m using texture with a color palette because it looks simple and useful for colorizing lowpoly objects. It’s from this tutorial
You gave me good advice and I found the solution, I selected the object in Edit Mode and use “U” - “Smart UV Project”.

Now everything works fine, thanks a lot)

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Great ! I also learnt something today

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