Shading for Inactive objects in viewport (wireframe)


There is a little addon that we created with collaboration of people from this topic

many Big thanks to them! (@MACHIN3, @ckohl_art)

What addon does
It make all inactive objects look wireframe (3.0 KB)

Feel free to modify for your best usability or make improvement.
And just in case, I’m not a coder, but only a person who proposed an idea. =)

P.S. maybe it better be checkbox instead of button, if some one make it look like checkbox let as know how.


Version with Checkbox. It turned out not so complicated. (3.0 KB)

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Nice. I didn’t feel like looking up how to do a checkbox. :stuck_out_tongue:


The very usefull thing. Thanks

@APEC Thank you for creating this script, its super useful!!

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