Shading Issue in Cycles(Black Square)

Ok, I am rendering this low poly mesh (11000) tris in Cycles using diffuse, Normal, Spec, and AO. The normals on my faces and vertices are as they should be. I have one light emitting plane over head and the world Background turned on. The uv’s are as they should be and so are the textures. In one part of my render however I have a black square that has not been rendered correctly. I have rebuilt the faces and re-added them to the uv map with no change. In my passes, I see that the problem only lies in the diffuse direct and glossy direct.

I have no ideas on how to resolve the issue, so if there are any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks.
Below is the direct diffuse pass in cycles.

Also can anyone tell me what is happening here in my Glossy direct pass with these black holes. Doesn’t seem to effect my render to much but doesn’t seem right either.