Shading layers (WIP)

I’m working on a little addon with my friend (he does the coding). The core idea is to have something similar like in Houdini or Clarisse. Where we can specify rules, based on which material gets assigned to objects.

Especially useful when many assets share same materials or scene has many many objects. Also since we specify them as rules, they stay procedural, meaning when we decide to change object naming we can just hit Assign again and all objects will get proper material based on the rules.

Maybe there is already a solution like this, but since it is not too big of a task, I’ll still continue to develop it.

Don’t mind the button names for now :slight_smile:

Also some planned features:
Clear all materials button - both an all objects and selected objects
Edit material button - to quickly access shader we want to tweak


Added a new button for removing materials from objects.
If none are selected all materials are removed form objects, if you have made a selection, then material will be removed only for selected objects

An addon I let my friend develop is now in usable state. thought I should (8.3 KB)

The idea is procedural material assigment. If you are familiar with Houdini group syntax it is easy to pick up.
Be aware! Only one material should be used per object