Shading looks polygon-ish and mirror is all wrong

hi2 all blender Expert…,

I am totally confuse.
This is the first time it happens to me.
Somehow my shading looks totally polygon-ish even though i have chosen “shade smooth” and making all(faces, vertex, edges) the shading “smooth”

And as well when i mirror the mesh, my shading feels separated.
Here is my screenshot

thank you in advance for your help.

The list:

  1. Check to see if you have any duplicate points.

“w” key.

  1. make sure all polygons are facing the right way. “alt n”


Make sure (if you imported this mesh usually happens a lot), that you don’t have “Clear Custom Split Normals Data” inside this blue circle:

  1. If it is as above then skip the next steps. But if not do this:

Click that button to clear the split data.
Ctl E and chose this:

  1. If this is on, raise the angle above 30 until smoothing reappears. usually for characters you don’t need this. So you can turn it off.

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Hi @Richard_Culver,

Sorry for the late reply.
I tried to implement your suggestion. However it doesnt really work.
I think its better to just upload my *.blend file for easier analysis.
wrong.7z (4.9 MB)

Could you please help me once again.? :smiley:

I downloaded your file and it looked ok after i unpluged the normal map node.
Can there be a problem with your normal map?
can you include the map or check?


Also you seem to have some problems with topology that i fixed a bit only in the nose / forehead area but seems more work is needed all around for better deformation.

and a bit for the eye loop area

hi @canpe,

Awesommmeee!! I unplug my normal map node, and the shading now a lot smootherr…!!
Thankss a lot for your informationnnn!!! :smile:

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