Shading Mode not showing all objects

Hi guys, I don’t know if this is a bug, or if I’m…high…but I can’t figure something out…

When in Shading Mode not all my objects are visible in the viewport–did I select something or do something? Why only these three objects?

I’ve built a lot of collections for each triple portion, that’s the only thing I can think why…and I found a glitch–if you tic the check mark in the outliner to show and hide an objects, sometimes this will make other objects show up…

If I go back to all other tabs, all objects are there…only Shading Mode does this.

Display in 3D View is proper to each 3DView.
So, that is totally possible to see a difference between tabs or between two 3D Views inside same tab.

Here, it is visible in your screencapture, you entered local view.
So, objects visible are limited to selection when you entered local View.
You just have to press numpad / to go back to normal display of entire visible collections

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Thank you for the reply. I think this was a bug…how I fixed it was to start ticking view boxes in the outliner in different tabs–this caused random objects from random collections to start showing up in Shading Mode. Eventually all objects were showing up properly. Odd.