Shading not going back to flat from smooth

I’ve been using 2.79 for a while now… I am relatively new but pretty familiar with blender and I am modelling as of now… I’d say intermediate 3d modelling. Yesterday while I was making my model the shading of the whole model went to smooth and I am unable to get it back to flat now. I can share all the asked details about the project. Just don’t know yet what to share so kindly help me. Thank you very much.

Did you look in the tools when your in object mode? Did you smooth everything in edit mode or in object mode?

I applied smooth shader in object mode from tools… Just like it’s usually done… But I don’t know why it’s not going back to flat now…

Hmmmm can you go into edit mode and push flat for just the faces the option is in the UV tab on the left side