Shading not showing UV coords, but renders fine... ?

Hi everyone,

I finally read how to make a ship render with textures, and hopefully I’ll now be able to spit em out straight to .obj, but there is one graphical quirk I’m curious about:

It shows up in shaded view as THIS (wtf?):

But it renders fine:

Btw, that’s a lod model for my game mod, I know the textures are all warped and such.

Anyways, any advice would be appreciated.


Is it a seperate Object? If so, look in F7 to see if the Drawtype is set to Shaded.


Sorry for the delay in replying.

All objects are set to shaded (didn’t know you could define that individually - neat), is there another button I need to push to get it to display the uv textures in shaded mode? Currently I can only get it to show proper textures with alt-z, but shift-z and it goes all spraypainty on me.


No, you can only view UVMapped textures in the viewport with Alt-Z. You didn’t answer my Q about if it was a seperate obj though, so I’ll assume it is. Check the Normals are pointing out. If that doen’t fix it send me the file ([email protected]).


All objects…

Sorry 'bout that. I did answer by implication though.

Ah, ok, I didn’t realize you can’t view textures in shaded mode. And yes, I did double-check the normals, just to be sure.

Spraypainty look it is, I guess. :-? At least it renders fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!