Shading on textured objects?

Using Multitexture Materials, is it possible for objects with image textures to be shaded?
at the moment this is what I get:

All the faces are the same shade, even though the lamp is to one side of the box. If I go ‘Face Specials’ (control-F in edit mode) --> ‘Face Mode Set’ --> ‘Light’ and change to Texture Face Materials the the object is shaded :confused:

Is there any way to make textured objects shaded when using Multitexture Materials (without baking as the object will be moving), and if there isn’t, what’s the difference between Multitexture and Texture Face Materials?


Works fine for me?

Check your material settings… make sure that “shadeless” isn’t set. Try deleting the material. Make sure you’re in Textured mode (Alt-Z).


Just figured out that it was a simple problem, removing the material from the object (but still leaving the image texture on the UV map in the UV/Image Editor) fixed it.
However, this means that I can’t change things such as specularity of the object, because as soon as I give it a material it goes shadeless. Is there any way to fix this?

Try giving it a new material, and see if it still does it? It seems to, once again, work fine for me… so something must be messed up in your material.

Tried a new material, new object, etc. but it’s still shadless when it has a material. Could you upload a blend that shading works in for you?

I’ve been having problems with this as well, I have the feeling that something is messed up but cannot pinpoint exactly what it is.

I can’t get shadows to show up without selecting light under Texture-Face tab.
but in 2.41 I could by selecting multiply in the Map-To tab.

Anyway see if this file works for you.


Multi texture shadows.blend (143 KB)

Selecting TexFace in the materials panel seems to fix the problem. You need to have the image loaded in the UV/Image Editor and in a Texture slot.
I thought this was one of the first things I had tried to fix it, but obviously not!