Shading preview not as expected

Hi all,

At first I would like to say that I’m quite new with Blender. I’m trying to have a stainless steel appearance on my mesh. In the shading mode, I managed to get a stainless steel material on my mesh, but both the preview of the material and the final rendering doesnt show at all the stainless steel appearance.

I don’t get why the preview of my material is bad while the preview of the mesh+material is good. And I don’t get the render neither.
If you have any idea about my problem, it would be very helpful.

The rendering

Hi, check your World shader nodes. and use the render view to see the finish look.

I don’t have any world shader node, shoud I ?

What is reflecting on your material is from scene world. Did you activate the Screen space reflections in the render settings?

Try this tutorial it should give you indication of were you went wrong.

Thx a lot, it’s working now. It seems that it was a lack of an “environment” around the mesh I wanted to render that caused the bad results. Now I get the stainless steel appearance.
Thx a lot