Shading Problem


There is a problem with the shading. Everytime I add a texture with a normal map (this sleeve for example) it gives these weird shadows that don’t look right when I use lighting that has hard edge shading. Is this physically accurate or should I just avoid hard edged shading?

Thanks for your help!

Actually its not just with normal maps. Any material that has a bump texture has this problem as well but only in sharp shadow lighting. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment them! I am using Andrew Price’s Pro lighting Skies to light the scene and the problem persists with any of the lamps.

Can someone please help me I don’t know how to solve this problem

It’s called a terminator artifact, it results from the smooth shaded and bump/normal mapped surface not aligning with the actual geometry. You can fix it by either lowering the strength of the bump/normal map, or subdividing the mesh some more.

Cool! Thx!