Shading/Shadow problem

ok i ran into another problem this time with shaders/ shadows. im using GLSL, textured mode, and spots for light and shadows. as you can see in the picture theres these wierd lines every where the lights hit. above the lights range theres no problem. when i go into bge mode its the same thing (my computer and graphics card aren’t the best in the world but they can handle the lights and shadows at 30fps in full screen and 60fps in small box mode(about the size of the picture i uploaded) any help is appreciated. thanks!!

Your bias is too high - change them on the spotlights that have shadows. It’s in the Lamp panel. By the way, the screenshot’s looking great! The lighting’s a little plain, though - up the Energy!

thanks solarlune that was exactly what was wrong, stupid me:P, thanks and thanks alot more now if only someone could solve my bge camera problem

Wait, what camera problem? I could search the forums, but if you’re still experiencing it, you could post here what the problem is.

EDIT: Found it. I’m going to post on it.