Shading/texture problems

Hi there

First post, so I hope I post this in the right place.

I’m all new to blender, but have decided to try it out and play with it. I have been drawing inspiration from this tutorial:


and I’m now somewhere around step 30, my problem is when I press ALT + Z to enable the viewing of my textures of my character not all of my character show (see link for picture). - missing front - toggling ALT - Z off.

This is my very first model I’ve (almost") produced in blender.
Can anybody see what I’m doing wrong, notice I’m not strictly following the tutorial, since I’m not making a ninja, but just some random dude.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you in perspective mode? Check your clip settings in the properties panel (N) Start should be a low and End a high value (just right clock both and select reset to default value if you are unsure). You can also switch to orthographic mode (Numpad 5), where clipping is not applied.

I found the solution, if anybody ever comes across this, it was because the “invisible” faces/blocks/polygons was facing inwards like in cs:s when you in spectate go behind the buildings and then u can see through them