Shading W/out Coding -- Tut

This is pretty cool :smiley: i never knew about this untill i saw it in a thread, so i figured i’ll tell everyone, cuz it’s so useful :smiley: some things to note:

  • This is not really realtime. It works great in GE, but because this doesn’t use coding. Still great effect though :smiley:
  • This will work with alpha channels, but you’ll probably notice some distortion, unless your texture is seamless.
  • I recommend not using Env Map unless your object is static, or if it only rotates ( i think that should still work). I just prefer avoiding them, much simpler this wayAlright, let’s get started. First in your default scene, delete the cube, and add a sphere. then, just because it helps see how the texture will distort, kind of sculpt it around into a more irregular sphere.
    Now to the exciting part. Unwrap your mesh, and Draw something. For a glass looking shader, i draw two ‘|0|’ , minus the quotes. In other words, a circle between two lines. Then, erase only a little bit of alpha, and make the mesh affected by alpha and two sided.
    Lastly, in the unwrap screen, image>>Realtime Texture Mapping>>Reflection. Now give it a whirl. 1 object, with physics, ran at 60 fps. not bad :smiley:

To make a neat cellshaded effect, color 2 thirds of your image white, and one third gray (or, you know, red and dark red).

Here’s the file.


Very nice looking XD I’ve been using it for a long time now, took me quite a while to discover it though XD

This is a great idea :slight_smile: thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

I would like to use this in my next demo. It looks like it takes very little effort to set up.

Thank you.

Aw is this in real time ?It would be great you could do a tutorial for us.