Shadow-based Assassination Game

Hey! I’m working currently on a game that is a first person assassination game and I need someone to help something for me :stuck_out_tongue: so if you would like to volunteer and help me with this I will gladly leave you credit in the game description. I am possibly the worst modeler and it took me like 2 days to make just a curved dagger which is not that difficult at all. I am only 12 years old and I have a dream of developing video games and I have been dying to finish a 3D game but every one I try it just doesn’t work. Off topic, the colors I am heading for are a dark purple and black to represent shadow colors and I still need a character that is rigged in order to use as the first person assassin. Even the right arm of an assassin is good enough but it needs to be long enough for the view. Then I will be focusing towards the paid modelers and pay for the map and textures since it would be more difficult to model. (The arm should be rigged because I can’t rig either :spin:)

I would love to help you FREE if it doesn’t work out its always fine for me. But please respect me and i only ask for name Credit i know i can be a meany sometimes but pls just ignore if i do. and a TIP don’t pay anyone EVER for that stuff. Ask it and People will help :slight_smile:

Sketchfab here looks different in the blend file I can share with you if u need.

step 1 get boxes moving around (hitBox actors parent to later)

step 2 get a actor rigged

step 3 play actions at the correct rate for how box moves

step 4 Make a basic Ai

step 5 collect underwear

step 6 -make game

step 7 = profit

Har. That’s pretty accurate. Step 1A: Move box in the wrong manner, and go through several other steps before realizing what you’ve done in step 1 is wrong, then start over. Repeat for all other steps. Sigh. That’s my story at least.