Shadow Casting Broken In 2.48

Hi All,

I have attached an image and a BLEND file.

Can anyone tell me why the shadows casting is broken in 2.48?


transparency_error.blend (442 KB)

That is an alpha-mapped plane isn’t it?
That means you need to turn on TraShadow (transparent shadow rendering) on the shadow-receiving object. Do this in the Shaders Panel of the Material Subcontext (F5) of the Shading Context.

Thanks Egan, I had forgotten that Blender works that way.

In other programs, shadows are controlled by the lights, in Blender, shadows are controlled by the materials.

Both really but you get more control this way.

I think TraShadow button should be on by default when you create a new material. It just makes sense. If I really want my shadow to fail, that is generally an exception, not the rule.

One of this devs did this a while ago, but they didn’t commit it because it had a notable drop in rendering time, as TranShad takes extra time to compute, regardless of the existence of transparent objects.