Shadow catcher = Reflection catcher in Blender 2.8?

I am using Blender 2.8 was looking for a way to have a plane not only catching shadows but reflections as well in Cycles. I checked the ‘shadow catcher’ option and now my reflections appear to be catched as well! Can anyone confirm this?

Anyone…? :slight_smile:

Can confirm, major improvement from 2.7xxx.

Now I only wish it could include lighting as well :sweat_smile:

HOW ?? i’m trying to do reflection catcher but it needs compositing :pensive:, where is that feature @Rezzy777 ??

You can install AMD ProRender for Blender. There is a reflection catcher. You can also use the principal material from cycles in it. It’s a little workaround but you need no comp. Hope that helps, there is also a tutorial on YouTube :wink: