Shadow Catcher & reflections

Hi All,
I’m familiar with setting up a plane to act as a shadow catcher, but I’m strigglung with doing so where I want a shiny reflective object to reflect only the background image whilst using a shadow catcher plane.
Every tutorial I can find on shadow catchers convieniently sticks to fully diffuse items, thus avoiding the issue of reflections on the object from the background. There is one dealing with hte object “reflecting” onto the background, but not vice versa.
Maybe this is a “duh” thing that I am missing something obvious, but if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be super. :slight_smile:

Oh DUH! - Ignore me, I am a total idiot. Go to Shdow Catcher object properties - cycles settings, disable glossy ray visibility.
Sorry for wasting folks time - Admin - ya can delete this thread if you want.