shadow catcher

below is a pic I made for our works 60th anniversary. The “60” was done in Blender. Not happy with the banding. I used Photoshop to add the shadow. Down and dirty. In 2000 I got in to 3D with Lightwave. I could have done this in 4 minutes. I tried shadow catcher with Cycles thanks to Grant Abbitt, I could not get it to work. Lightwave has a “projection” UV I guess you would call it. You can have a plane on the ground that will catch the shadow and also have the texture be FRONT projection, so even thought the camera up 5 feet off the ground, and the ground plane is tilted, the texture matches the background plate. I love Blender and I know that I have a lot to learn, wish I could get to the point where I can rip this off in a few minutes. Any kind words of help are appreciated.

I made this walking $20 bill in Lightwave. So simple. 1 ground plane, 1 plane for the $20.
walking $20 bill

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You do know that Blender has a shadow catcher built right in (or, with 3.0 a shadow catcher pass for use in compositing). You may want to look at that.

Object properties for the shadow catcher object, or layer passes for the composite.