Shadow color?

I’m reasonably certain that it’s not posible to create colored shadows easily in Blender - I mean that it’s not a built in feature. I’m pretty sure it can be done though. I read something about a negative shadow only spotlight, but that just makes a lighter area in the shadow. Any ideas? I’d like to add a cool color to my shadows, as this is how they work in the real world.

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and shadows are easy, contrary to what you suggest.

also try the nodes for subtle effects.

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colored shadows can be done by using transparency on the object casting it, and “receive colored shadows” on the receiving object

Pop it into Photoshop or gimp, and colorize it there.

think reality… colored shadows come in when the main light source is blocked and only a secondary, colored (usually blue from atmospheric diffusion) light source illuminates the area. using two lamps this can be achieved. one bright slightly yellow sun lamp for the sun, (or you could use a spot) and one weak light blue lamp for atmospheric effects. the shadow will only be illuminated by the weak blue light.

note the attached quickie example
cover all the picture but the shadow and you will see that it’s actually purple! Reality is usually subtle, but by increasing the strength of the purple light I could have made it really purple. or green. or whatever.

here’s the .blend:


That’s very cool - the two light set up. I played with your blend file a bit. Sometimes simple is better. Thanks.

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