Shadow Harbor Studios is hiring!

Contact Info: @RJProcitaba#6594 (Discord Handle)
[email protected]

Project Name: Corvos (working title)
Recruiting: First-Person AND Third-Person Animator, Rigger in Blender
Payment Methods: PayPal or whatever is more preferable to the employee
Compensation: Royalties based on level of work put-in
Requirements: Portfolio
Team Size: 18 People
Engine: Unity 2018/19
Project Description: Meet Santo! A perfectly level headed bartender. Hes made plenty of friends with the…locals in the town. He’s been working in his family’s bar since he was small. Fast forward 20 years hes now the sole owner. One night, however, someone wanted him out.

We are working on a short prototype of what our fully planned-out game will become. We need a demo of sorts to put up on kick-starter so we can hopefully achieve full funding and continue with this project. The game is set with in a bar placed in the 1940s. The art work and designs are unique to the game scene due to the heavy inspirations of Tim Burton’s signature style. We all fell in love with his creepy yet beautiful art when we were kids and feel like this is the best way to honor his legacy. We know he isn’t dead but we still want to make it! Personally, we haven’t seen a game that looks like the one we’re working on so we feel good about our chances at achieving a unique, new and fresh-looking media. This isn’t a full-time job however. This a group of people hell-bent and dedicated on making a good game and have fun doing it. We’d appreciate any help with this project. Please DM me for the server link and we’ll conduct an interview. Thank you for your time! Bon Voyage!