shadow help

is there a way i can kinda chang ethe shadows so they are not pich black but kind of a darker grey?

If you are going for realism, you should just put more lamps in the scene, so the shadow areas get illuminated too (just like in real life). You could also use Ambient Occlusion.

if i put more lamps that does not change the shadows im trying to get the shadows less black and a more grey look

Try using multiple lamps on the objects… but use some lamps for highlights and some lamps for only shadows…This gives you complete controll over the shadows relative to where you put the lamps, how strong they are and what colour…

Also you can use the settings SpotBI, Soft, Samples for tweaking the softness of the edges of the shadows…

Lighting can be a B tch so keep trying … eventully it will look realistic … just think about how the light hits the object and how the shadows would look. Try to recreate that…

*** Don’t forget that if you want less ‘dark’ shadows, you can turn down the intensity of the lamp…


I was assuming by ‘less black’ you mean more transparent. So you want ‘pitch grey’? A sample pic would be nice if possible.

A common trick is to have 2 lamps in the same spot - one that has shadows turned off, one that has “OnlyShadow” turned on.

Then, if the intensities are the same, then you get the same effect as one lamp. But if you turn the intensity down on the OnlyShadow lamp, the shadows get less dark.

yes nico thats what im talking about how can i get the shadows more transparent? also i do not know host to post pics on the forum so if u tell me ill put it up

There is only one solution: Real life shadows are not pitch black because of light that hits the shadow areas. If you have only one light source in your scene, it it very realistic when shadows are pitch black.
There are some ambient sliders somewhere which might also solve your problem, but I have never used them. Just follow the advice of my first post and you’ll be fine. Oh, of course the additional lamps must be placed somewhere else than the first lamp… :slight_smile:

To post a picture, you must store it on your own webspace and then link it by using the Ing tag in the elysiun toolbar.

ok thanks i understand now