Shadow issue

Good day!

I have a question because I’m recently new in using Blender 2.82. I watched lot of tutorials about Eevee light and specifically about shadows. I tried their steps and they mentioned in the tutorial they used “Softness” under Shadow settings, but, I can’t seem to find in my settings like its missing. Below Shadow settings has only Clip Start and Bias. Is there preference i have to click or something else?

Heres the link:

I’ll be looking forward to anyone that reply. Thank you and stay safe!

I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for but there is soft shadows option in the reder properties

The reason why it isn’t in the light’s properties is because this property doesn’t change behaviour of a one lamp but of all shadows within the scene.

Also a tip: To change softness of a light you need to change it’s radius. The bigger the light source the softer it’s shadow is

Ohh i see. I’ll try it out. Thanks!

I’m not an Eevee user, but note that Eevee has evolved since the earliest incarnations. There might be now obsolete settings you may not be able to find in recent Eevee versions, so check version tutorial is using.