Shadow Light isnt working!!

I’ve set up a scene in which I have 2 spot lights. The primary one provides the light for the scene, the second one has a smaller aspect ratio and casts shadow… well, it did yesterday. Today it isnt.

Shadows are enabled in the render settings. The shadow spot light has an intensity of 8. the clip goes well beyond the bottom of the scene. Bias is .10, halo step is 14, iterations is 16. Shadow buffer is on and set to over 2000. The light is over the objects in a manner in which they are caught in the light. Effect layer only is NOT turned on.

I’m going to restart my computer to see if that resolves the issue.(its a long shot)

Are there any settings that I didnt mention that could have gotten changed that would cause a shadow only light to NOT cast shadow.

you could have turned off bufshadow, but I doubt it because the buffer value would disappear

I bet you set clipsta to high [it should be lowish, lower than clipend which is how far the lamp goes. anything closer than clipsta will not be shadowed at all]

if you turned off shadow for materials it would not recieve shadows

tracable must be on [material setting again] to cast shadows

Thanks for the Reply Z3r0, unoftunately I checked my materials and they are all set to traceable and to recieve shadows. my clipsta is .10… I’m gonna drop another dupe lamp and a regular box to see if it casts shadow…

/sigh… deadlines suck.

Alright, new spotlight casts shadows so its not render settings, or materials… It seems to have something to do with “shadow only” button… as soon as I turn that on it doesnt cast shadow.

Are they on the same layer, is the layer selected, are the layers locked?


Ayty, finally figured it out. I must have accidentaly activated the “no Diffuse” button. I turned it off (so it does cast diffuse) and its working again… another stupid little thing that cost me a couple hours. Anyway, thats for tryin to help.