Shadow Mosaic - World-building Collaboration

(CGIPadawan) #1

Hi guys,

You guys might know me from the two short films “Reversion” and “Deathmatch Kaleidoscope” which you can see on my ArtStation Page .

Well, after Deathmatch was released me and the team were thinking: “What do we do next?”
We were kind of going to-and-fro between doing another animation with a longer running time (which would take quite a bit of time) or an Art Book or something else.

We finally decided: “Why not a site that is all those things?” And why not involve more people who want to try this activity out?

So the new project is called: “Shadow Mosaic”. And the idea is for us to have a site dedicated to the “Shadow Mosaic” world that contains mostly still renders or artwork with stories/profiles/write-ups about the “Shadow Mosaic” world or which expands upon it with any assets being retained for re-use in animations that will also go up on the same site.

In a nutshell, “Shadow Mosaic” is a universe where the Supernatural meets Steampunk/Industrial Revolution/Pre or Post World War 1 world. Our adviser on this project is an artist with more than 15 years experience in the VFX industry. And we’re on this thing everyday. :slight_smile:

Now if you find this to be something that might interest you, you can learn a bit more by having a peek through our Look Book here .

You will notice the Look Book doesn’t contain original artwork. Rather it is a scrap book collection of images and short descriptions that best describe the concept.

Any interested parties can reach me at: [email protected]

(CGIPadawan) #2

We’re posting some Key Art where we are testing and dipping our toes into the world of “Shadow Mosaic” to feel things out:

There will be more on my ArtStation Page .
Remember: You guys can join in anytime! :slight_smile: