Shadow not casting correctly onto object


I’m very new to Blender, but have hit a stumbling block with the below image

The shelf I have created isn’t casting the shadow properly on the adjoining plane. It’s starting from the bottom of the supports, not the bottom of the shelf itself

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Here is another view, that hopefully shows the issues better

This is called light leaks and can be very annoying cause it can work in one direction but in other not. Objects should always have a certain thickness in eevee. So best a cube instead of a plane. Cycles can calculate that exactly.

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Hi. You try to give as much information as possible (Blender version, type of lights used, settings, etc). It’s always better if you share the .blend file here.

Thanks at @MarioPeper, thats a great help. Solved the issue

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Ah ok, I will in the future