Shadow on texture with smooth shading

Hi all,

I´m following a Little tutorial by Jonathan Williamson creating a concrete barrier. Applying my texture in flat shaded mode everything looks fine. If I change to smooth shading a shadow appears along an edge acros the surface. This is true for solid shading as well. Any way of getting rid of that, or better, why is this happening? I´ll add a screenshot. I don´t want to increase the polycount.

THX in advance for any help.

Do you have a light source on that side in texture draw mode? If you don’t, add one and see if the shadow is still there. It looks from the screen shot to be from the light source being on one side and casting toward that left corner, and being that your geo is not flat on that side, there will be something of a shadow there.

Are you sure it is planar? seems like it creases, maybe because of the chunk you took out in the corner?

with so little geometry, smooth shading is going to do that. just one or two more divisions in the bevel should improve it a bit

Add Modifier ( EdgeSplit ) on this object and play with Split Angle.

THX for all your answers. I think I´ll go for the low geometry answer. The polys are planar, normals are good. Subdividing does get rid of those shadows except it isn´t what I´ve got in mind. I´ve set up a three light stage and rendered it out, The shadows are still visible if you know what to look for but far less obvious. I´ll post if I get more info :slight_smile:

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