Shadow on top of cloud from cloud generator


I’m searching for a way to get a shadow of an airplane on top of some clouds, which I created with cloud generator.
It feels like I tried everything. But still no succes.
I also tried to duplicate the mesh from which the cloud is made off, but still leave it as a mesh and make it invisible but still able to have shadows, but this gave a strange effect…

Does someone know if it even is possible?


(owyeah, I hope this thread is in the right section of the forum…)

in your volumetric material, click on ‘external shadows’

That didn’t work. Still no shadows.

are your clouds particle based? maybe that is the problem.

make sure your lamp has ray shadow and not no shadow in the bottom part of the properties panel! This has got me more than once I think it became a default ‘no shadow’ at some time?! Anyway I assume you are using BI because in Cycles it’s “Casts Shadow” but it is on by default.