Shadow on UV textures?

Hey, I just got a question about uv texturing. I’m making a game with some guys, and I’m texturing the main character right now. It looks nice, but when I’m test playing the game the character is shadeless.

I have enabled texture face material under the game tab. Could that be the problem? Anyway, we are not going to use GLSL. But I have heard that it’s possible to paint the shadows directly on the textures. So he gets the shade look, without lamps.

So my two questions are:

*Why is the main character shadeless when I test play?
*How do you paint shadow on the uv textures, so you don’t have to use lamps?

Thanks for your help;)

EDIT: I got lamps in the scene.

The easy way is - Ctrl-Alt-b and pick Ambient Occlusion

Once it is complete, save the texture to a tga. Import the tga into your paint program and put over the main texture. Set to multiply.

Settings for Ambient Occlusion. F5 -> world button --> Amb Occ

Ok thanks, I got another more important question. I have uv textured a mesh. And I’m using one lamp to lit the scene in textured mode. I have created a character, but in order to make this guy jump on command. I have to give the mesh a material, but when I do that and test play the textures have dissapeared. And I think I know why.

I have to give the material the uv texture. But when I open up the texture panel F6. Only 1 of the 20 uv textures I have imported are displayed in the drop down…how come.

I have packed the textures and everything but they don’t appear O.o


EDIT: Or wait, it works. But, the mesh that I added the material to is shadeless. It isn’t effected by the lamp. But all un materialized meshes have shades…so why hasn’t my material + Uv texture shadows???