Shadow pass shows black planes...

Hi there, when i do a shadow pass i would like all of my world to look white…and shadows to fall upon the white world.

As you can see, my ground plane is white (in the node render preview) and the shadow that fall upon it is perfect. Why do the 2 standing planes (left and right of the car) render completely black? They have the exact same properties and material.

How can i accomplish a total white world, with only shadows on the bottom plane?

Thanks in advance,


set your sky (world horizon and azimut)h to white; no need for the side planes.

It doesn’t seem to be working that way…i’ve attached a screenshot of a very simplified version of what i’m trying to achieve. As you can see in the viewer that is connected to the shadow output…the plane renders white with shadows (love it!) but the world = black. Why ?

This is the case in 2.49 and also in the 2.5 alpha 1


Add alpha pass from render layer to shadow pass and then compose this new node with white texture (alpha over).

I’m sorry but i don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you go a little more in-depth please? Or dare i ask, create a little example?

Thanks in advance, this would really help me!

:slight_smile: look at screenshot. I think it needs no words.

You sir…just saved my ass! This works like a charm. I cannot thank you enough!

Its OK :). I am glad to help.
Anyway this node setup can be used to make movies like this:

Happy blendering.