Shadow-problem. I have no wisdom ;(

I have motion tracked scene. I have tried many hours now to imitate lighting in scene. (Tried sun position-add on, tried area-light only and now with HDRi-lightning.

There is almost right settings:

But when using shadow catcher, there is no shadow in on the side of the trench:

To me it looks close but needs to be a little steeper.

Thanks, but I tried it also. Not help. I think that is shadow catcher letting rays trought it under the wall or something?

did you add geometry to your shadow catcher that mimics the curvature of the trench?

Yes? It is the same like in picture one.

I think the problem might be with eevee, which I don’t think supports curved shadow catchers. Is it possible to switch to cycles?

This is allready Cycles. :grimacing:

Dang, I am stumped.

Check the normals on your shadow catcher?

Checked that also earlier… :grimacing: :grimacing:

I think what’s happening is that the shadow of the wall is actually not touching the vertical portion of the catcher. Basically, the darkness that you see on the vertical wall of the catcher is not the shadow of the wall, it’s the self shadow of the catcher itself.

If that’s the case, then the way to fix it would be to move the floor of the trench to match the shape of the actual photo better, until there is enough of a floor in the trench that the shadow from your wall can touch the real life shadow in the photo. In the photo, the floor of the trench is wider and extends to the right more than what you did for you shadow catcher, with all kinds of holes and jagged sections that you haven’t replicated.


When get wall upper there can be seen some shadow in right…

That’s because Cycles’ shadow catcher counts the shadows from the sky and the bounce light from objects, so you get a bit of influence in the vertical parts when they can see the wall.

If the shape of the shadow catcher matched every detail and crack of the real trench, it would look correct, except for a bit of overlap between the real shadow and 3D shadow, which would have to be masked.

Ok. Thanks for You both!

Then I have to first try without a wall, because it was in this scene only for finding right ligtning and places to the scene. I have to try test dinosaur walking in this trench…