Shadow problems

I set it up so my spotlight which only casts a shadow is in another layer. By pressing a key i can add or delete the spotlight in the scene Here is the problem with the spotlight on it slows performance about 10 fps When i delete the spotlight from the scene it still is about 10 fps slower but if i stop the GE go into the layer containing the spotlight and delete it from the game it starts faster. I need it so when i delete the spotlight in game it will be back up to the fps it would normally be without spotlight


I tried it on my PC in Blender 2.49b. On my PC the framerate goes back when I delete the spot. Try it with my blend file. If it works then the fault depends on your blend file. Else the fault depends on your PC.
RealtimeShadow.blend (301 KB)

Still the same thing happens I am using 2.49a sso i tried 2.49b still stays slower What do you mean my pc fault?


What do you mean my pc fault?

I mean that the fault depends on your hardware (graphic card I have a NVIDIA) or your drivers.
Try to update your graphic card driver.
Here my frametes:
341 fps with deleted spot lamp on the second layer.
332 fps lamp off.
318 fps lamp on.
332 fps lamp off aggain.

I just had a new graphics card installed August, The 8400 Nvidia Geforce GS I had the 6000 series before that
When i try your blend it won’t go past 60fps but on my older card it went into the 100s fps with enable all frames so maybe your are correct