Shadow question, please help me!

Hi all,

I’ve got a newbie question, I’ve tried everything to solve it, but I have to resort to asking help:

I have a cilinder on which I’ve applied a material with two texure channels: one for the image and one for the alpha.

This is all working fine, the cilinder is transparant in the places I determined in my alpha map.

But the shadow that is created by the cilinder still looks like it’s a solid cilinder. It does not take the gaps in account that I created in the cilinder with the alpha channel. The light i use is a ray shadow one and when rendering, raytracing is on as well.

%| Is there any way to solve this problem? I need you help desperately!!!


Do you know how to solve this problem?

Sorry for the stupid question. Solved it… :slight_smile:
(by turning on the traShado button for the surface receiving the shadow)