shadow question

hi all, i have this model built in formz and exported as .lwo … rendered in blender + yafray … i don’t know what i’m missing, that the shadow of the balcony is now showing well … any help/hint greatly appreciated … thanks, a

You need to edit the link to your image
because it is not showing up in your msg.
Paste the URL into the message and then click the Img button.

sorry, i’m still new to this forum so until i get all the tweaks working i’ll miss things like editing correct the link, etc.

Seems like the balcony has no floor that would cast a shadow.

yes THERE IS A balcony, that why i’m asking what could cause that … is it a bug into blender/yafray? … or just my limited knowledge of these two … i rendered the model in several stages - it is a work in progress for a house - and now suddenly with the same settings (light/shadows/bias, etc) it starts this wierd thing … so anybody smarter then me, please give me a hint … thanks a