shadow resoultion

Does anyone know how to even out the shadows in the BGE? It would seem that the lights have a fixed shadow map size making large lights steppy and jagged.


you can change the size of the shadow map under the light settings… but the size depends on your graphics card… the bigger the map the less jagged the shadow will be … also if you set to something higher than your GFX card can handle, it may crash blender… I wouldn’t go over 1024

In the BGE? When I adjust shadowbuffersize, regardless of what I dial up, the shadow remains unchanged.

Am I missing something?

Edit You’re right, I never saw it change because it doesn’t happen dynamically. You have to deselct the light and click about on a few other objects before the resoultion clicks in. Thanks.

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Very good. Thanks for the help.


A quick way to have the resolution changes register, is to quickly change the Spot Size, then change it back.

The instant you change the Spot Size, it redraws the shadow with the new resolution.

Super, thank you for the trick