Shadow spotlight following cars

@Fobsta, you can disable shadow on the car model unchecking the shadow button in materials.


Yes I know thank you :slight_smile: After playing around with self shadowing objects I can understand why most games don’t have this feature and just cast a shadow on the floor.

@PadrePioX, Interesting, how do you set a vertex parenting? :o

I said in one of the first posts:

You select the child object, then the parent, and instead of doing CTRL+P asap, you enter edit mode, select a vertex, and then you press CTRL+P ( doing Vertex Parent )

As for self-shadowing, in fact most games don’t have it, but for example in Oblivion there is this feature…

Cya =)

@PadrePioX: Sorry, I din’t notice that:o thanks

@Fobsta: Maybe changing the Bias value in the spot lamp can help to reduce artifacts if you need or want self shadowing in your model.

Yes, you should use a very low bias always ( 0.5 or something, not extremely low or the shadow will not display correctly, but too high will make it imprecise )

Cya =)

the shadow bias is already very low. and it almost works. but every now and again a ‘thick black cloud’ runs across the the side of the vehicle

again thank you v much for your help and suggestions

could you post a picture or maybe a Blend showing the problem, if you want to keep your model you can replace it with something that shows the same problem, maybe we can take a look and see what the problem is.

I’ll try and upload the model tomorrow - but it’s huge at the moment :slight_smile:

here’s the problem

ouch :S thats bad

@ Jesusfreak :slight_smile:

I could always create an invisible low poly LOD that just cast shadows. That’s what I did with my Dalek

I’ve uploaded the blend file here

Hi, sorry for the delay, I’ve tried to fix the problem in your scene, but the only way was how i made in your blend, here’s a link, take a look and tell me if this helped you