This is the back of an iPod I am working on for class (the NBC logo was just put there to show the reflection material temporarily). In any case, the white background is obviously the world. How do I make a shadow beneath the iPod that looks like it is on display. This is a frame from the animationwhere it spins around 360 degress.


I forgot to mention: I did add a plane previously and made it white, however it interfered with the reflection material on the iPod. If this is how I am supposed to do it, how do I make it so the plane does not reflect on the iPod?

add your plane back. For the plane’s material, click Ztrans (Z transparent) on the Links and Pipeline tab, and click OnlySha (Only Shadows) on the Shaders tab. This will create a transparent plane which only displays the shadows cast upon it. You can adjust the Alpha (A slider) value on the Material tab to make the shadow more or less transparent.