Shadowmap sizes

I’ve been using extensively shadowmaps for everything since watching some of the masterclass videos from Blender conference 06. But now i am starting to run into some… thoughts… about usage of them.

How big shadowmaps people usually use… and how computer demanding is it actually is… is there better way?.. tips & tricks appreciated.

I think it really depends on the scene and whether you want blurry shadows or sharp shadows. One setting I found useful is the clip start and clip end values. You should pay close attention to those two settings.

I personally stopped using shadowmaps a long time ago in favor or raytraced shadows and AAO.

Shadowmaps are still very useful if you need quick rendering times and need to give depth in a scene. But for sunlamps and some ambiant lighting ray shadows with AAO is the way to go.

Thats what i am all about.

Okay, the thing is to set the start dist. and end dist. as close as you can. Then adjust the shadowmap size to at least 1000-2000 for medium to long distances, the maximum size should only be used for the most extreme of cases.

Shadowmaps are also very useful for depth when used with shadow only spots:)