shadows and glass ooo :D

hey peeps check out the image you will see that the glass is not rendering properly and of course i do not know why???

where i was expecting nice soft shadows that would be barely visable i have a solid one???

i have a plane for the floor which just receives shadow i have one lamp with ray shadow on and i have ambient onclusion on.

for the glass material im using .1 alpha with .5 ref ray transparency and .1 ray mir any ideas

if i’m just a dumb ass then please say :smiley:


For any objects that are to receive shadows from a transparent object you have to set TraShadow in its material shaders panel.


Getting there the shadows on the floor are sweet but problem now is where i have made thick glass ie a box in a box it does not look right…

well to be honest it looks s**t but i will battle on :S


Increase the Ray depth for the glass material, it increases the rendertime though.

no difference there my man though i just wasted 20mins of my life rendering lol

okay well ray transparency ain’t to great so used Z-transparency instead just need to soften them shadows then gonna start some baking and texturing :smiley:


It pretty much looked like a ray depth issue… Maybe it should have been increased even further??

Anyways, what are you modelling, it looks interesting :slight_smile:

nothing special just having a play with water its baking now and am gonna render tomo will post when finished water is taking a while cause i added alot on the res should be good :slight_smile: