Shadows and lighting from emission shaders in Eevee


I love Eevee. I really do. Mostly because its absurdly fast and I don’t like waiting for my animation to render. Here is a little example of one animation I did. I have some fire, but it doesn’t give off light or shadows!

Kinda plain, right? Well, lets parent a light to the fire mesh and see how it looks.

To me it looks way more interesting, but I have a problem. The light and shadows produced come from a point inside the mesh, so it produces weird shadows. Plus, it gives emissive materials a boring interaction since its not glowing. You can use Bloom, but what if I don’t want everything to shine?

Irradiance maps are impossible to animate and that really bugs me.

If its possible to give the emissive qualities of a light object to a mesh in Cycles, why not in Eevee? I don’t really know why its not a thing or if its not possible, but if I can give my emissions an effect on the environment without having lights all over the place that would be great.