Shadows and Stuff...

Pretty common things I need help with:
With simple shadows, I get this weird noise, a pixelation that is projected onto surfaces.

Is there anyway to get rid of this? Playing with the biases messed up with the bleeding of light, and I cant change the size of the light because there are things in the scene don’t show up with smaller resolutions. I am using 10240 size. I tried using variable shadows but the resolution drops my framerate down to 3 FPS.

Another things is that I need some assistance with speeding up GLSL.
I set both physics and animation framerate to 30 FPS. I have only 30 things in the scene including armatures and lamps, but the rate drops to 50%. main processes: GPU latency goes to 70% and ~50ms, Rasterizer goes to ~10% and ~10ms, Framerate goes to ~15% and ~60ms.
I have tried almost everything.

-My main armature has 19 bones, each hand has 21 bones, if that is of any use.
-I restricted textures to 2048.
-I enabled all GLSL settings (nodes, ramps etc; they are all being used)
-Everything that doesn’t need to be dynamic possess “No Collision” physics.
-I have occlusion culling and backface culling where needed.
-All animations have keys only where needed.
-Modifiers applied where needed
-Using LOD’s where necessary.
-I am using SSAO shaders
-Short sun frustum size, with the lamp vertex parented to the player.

Any ideas?

And finally, when two objects are in close proximity to each other and are parallel, they show up as constantly changing positions when view from a distance. It’s difficult to explain.

Don’t mind the messed up shadows.


Thanks, the edge flickering tips help! But the framerate still doesn’t change.

The number of bones in the hands is essential really, because of the actions that the character performs (Pulling triggers, holding weapons, making fists). 4 per finger, 3 in the thumb, and 2 in the wrist. Besides, the animations processing takes only 3%.

Any other suggestions to save my framerate, anybody?

blender shape keys maybe?
You can have different hand( finger ) poses without bones.

Lets see the wireframe on the scene,

what GPU?

and wireframe of actor?

or .blend?

Wireframe of scene (30881 verts, 37 objects).

Wireframe of player

(The only actor is the playerbox; the actual character are all “no collisions”)

My GPU is an integrated AMD Radeon HD7660D, and my hard ware: AMD A10; Quad-core; 3.4 ghz; 12gb RAM.

The hands do have shapekeys but only for pose corrections.

Mind you, the rasterizer and GPU latency are the processes that are excessive.

ok, your using more polygons then need be,

it’s a very nice looking model

just grab it copy it, “hand decimate” it, (join any faces that can be join without messing with deformation) then bake the high quality model onto the low polygon model using bake normals,

this will grab much of your detail.

more polygons=more GPU time.

count in “triangles” as square faces are split in the engine anyway into tri’s

Decimate ! :smiley:

so if your player is the bottleneck-
Scenegraph->handles IK
Animations=handles deforming faces
logic does not yet seem to be a issue.

if your scene is the bottleneck

Rasterizer/gpu - Too many faces within clipping distance of each other

Physics- overlapping shapes colliding.

I would do a non-discloser agreement with you, and look over your file if you wish.

I have a ton of shapekeys (correctional) for parts of the body, and decimation messes it up…

to fix bad weights or?

I don’t know what you correcting? (shoulder rot?)

For example, on the body (shirt) with a punch animation, the shoulder bone moves up and creates a dip, an irregular, unhuman crease in the space between the shoulder and head. I added a shapekey to fix the shape.

On the face i have all the necessary keys for facial animation. The hands have corrections on the thumbs for trigger gripping. Pants have knee corrections. etc. etc. etc.