Shadows and Transparency

I’m new to Blender. I’ve been using mostly Softimage with Redshift in the last couple of years"

I have some difficulty when I tried to do transparent objects with the principled BSDF shader in cycle.
Right now the default Material on the glass cube was modified that way:

Tranmission: 1.00
Roughness: 0
Base color: Full White

I have the feeling that the cube is capturing way to much light and producing a shadow that is way to dark.
( I’ve attached a Redshift image that seem closer to what the shadow should look like )


You can get the same effect with this node setup:

to get nit-picky. all you need to do is move the factor of the mix shader node to get the desired effect

Cool workaround… THX

So I guess it’s a limitation of the princpled BSDF shader ?

It’s the more professional workaround.

You can alternatively do it this way with a Principled BSDF setup like this:

Transmission all the way Up > Roughness all the way down> Alpha set to 0.5
there are problems with this setup, in terms of ability to add refraction and so on