Shadows are missing in radiosity rendering

Hi guys.

I’m new in Blender and experimenting on radiosity.
I have a scene where there is a room (a cube normals facing inside)
with furniture inside.I have also added a spotlight for shadows (Shadows button activated) in Shadowonly mode and I used the radiosity feature to light the room (I have one object with emit>0).
The case is that while the lighting is OK, shadows are missing.
Shadow,ray and radio buttons in render panel are activated.I have tried changing the spotlight shadows from ray to Buf. Shadows but again my shadows are missing.
EDIT:When I deactivate the shadowonly button shadows are back.Unfortunately I want the
lighting to stem from radiosity only…

I think you are getting Radiosity and Ambient Occlusion confused. I think you want to “light” the scene with AO only. Radiosity is a very subtle effect and really cannot realistically light a scene.

Haven’t tried AO yet.

I’m just experimenting with radiosity now.I’ll try AO later.