Shadows disappear while editing. Restart fixes it

Anyone encountered this?

I have a simple scene with a sun lamp that I’m editing, often while in full Eevee view mode (I have a 3090, so performance is fine).

However, after a while I notice that all the shadows are gone. I’m not sure when it happens, I suspect it’s either when switching between workspaces or during hide/show that includes the light.

Has anyone else noticed this? As the topic says, a restart of Blender (3.0.1) brings the shadows back.

Also, when the shadows are gone in the viewport, they still render in the animation…

Interesting thing I discovered:

When this happens, contact shadows still work!


After save and a restart, it looks like this:


Still don’t know what triggers it (I’m working… I haven’t been paying that much attention to details).

EDIT: Maybe unrelated, but somehow in all this, blender also often likes to reset the animation from 60fps to 24fps…