Shadows in GE?

i am new to the blender GE so please dont be mad about the following question.When i press “P” i enter the game engine, it is supposed to be the “in-game” preview of what i am doing,right?. So how do i make shadows visible in the GE? i have a lamp with “ray shadows” turned on but in the game engine it isnt visible

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Time to answer your question :
Well at the moment blender can’t do shadow’s in runtime but I can tell you that you can fake them. Go to my other thread here :

I believe I released a nice shadow effect somewhere in that thread you must read to find it though.

My way in creating shadow’s would cause more lag toward’s the game in runtime. There are other way’s to create this effect you can also use images with add on. :wink:

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Blender currently uses alpha shadowing on the texture ground plane. What I do is use raybaker to make the shadows on a plane just above the ground plane. Then you click on shadow in the uv mode choices. You need to make it a png or targa and eliminate the non-shadowed areas and then make it translucent. I’m not sure it’s worth figuring out, because the Ogre plugin is going to change things a lot. Although you still might have to do something like that to keep from slowing things down too much. I’d work on learning all the other stuff about the engine first.